Axing the Tree to Find Seeds

I can’t help but recollect what my college professor once told us about rape and its role in the Middle Ages. She said that the culture of Vikings was a culture of honour and woman were placed at its centre. So, if a woman was raped, it wasn’t an attack just on the individual but also on the entire household. Needless to say, the four-lettered word was always dreaded in most cultures, and even though we may have greatly advanced in terms of education and legal systems, we still fail at making our bearers feel safe.

Recently a shameful act committed by a few minors over social media sent shockwaves across the nation. To sum it up briefly, a group of boys aged 15-17 created a chatroom and used it to share, among other things, morphed photos of minor girls. When the affected females exposed these chats on social media, an investigation was initiated. Around the same time, a separate screenshot went viral, some speculate that it was in continuation to the aforementioned group chat. In this chat, there were talks about leaking private photos of the girls who had exposed them, along with the consideration of ‘seriously’ raping them. This is the ongoing saga of “Bois Locker Room”.

There were multiple instances where lines were crossed, with some being on either side of the two sexes involved, a grey area was created by the ones defending the boys. However, there was one act which was undeniably wrong – the thought of resorting to rape, and leaking of private photos, minors in this case. To explore the avenues that lead to such a situation, we need to consider the important facets of our culture which propagate patriarchy.

Illustration by Helena Fernandez


Media, in general, has played a significant role in defining the romantic behaviour of the binary sexes. Movies, especially the ones in Bollywood, have provided the younger generation with wrong notions of relationships. One of the most recurring plots that we see in the so called rom-coms of today is about the protagonist chasing a girl. After being eventually/inevitably turned down, it’s followed by the hero deciding to pour his heart and soul in the pursuit of ‘his girl’. So what is actually the depiction of stalking ( IPC section 354D) is easily passed off as a romantic gesture and hailed by the viewers as a necessary act to get women to submit before men. Also, the casting of the protagonists usually set the beauty standards quite high for the audience. It is impossible for everyone to pass the standards set. They turn into grounds on which girls are compared, body-shamed, and made uncomfortable in their own skin.


The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud proposed the Theory of Personality. It consisted of three elements; Id, Ego, and Superego. All three of them work together to determine human behaviour.
Id is the component of personality which deals with the most primitive and basic needs, comprising of all sorts of desires, including sex. Superego is the component which is formed due to the morals and codes defined by one’s parents and society, making it the authority deciding the do’s and don’ts. Ego is the mediator of Id and Superego. It gratifies the needs of Id while conforming to the norms of Superego. It is the Ego’s responsibility to ensure that the Id’s impulses are expressed in a manner acceptable to the real world. 
All the three elements have a different role individually but together they function to form the behaviour and psyche of a person. Needless to say, people are different and are also brought up in different environments, therefore, everyone has a varying level of acceptance and resistance. However, exposure to certain things can break the harmony between individuals and can make their personalities rewire. Like Ramanuj who developed a highly active superego due to a tragic incident in the movie Aparichit, there are tons of youth who are constantly engaged in immoral sexual and violent behaviour that will eventually alter their personality. Exposure to explicit and adult content, and watching excessive porn can bring out the basic instincts and alter one’s dominance of Id. It may make the unacceptable behaviours acceptable for them. And when this behaviour shows a scary trend amongst the masses, we can guess where things are headed.

Religious Texts

From the very beginning, a number of religions had set the rules of patriarchy. To begin with, the God mentioned in the Bible said to Eve, the first woman, that the husband would rule over her. In Islam, an instantaneous and unilateral right to divorce is only enjoyed by men. The use of Hijabs and veils to ‘protect’ woman from the gaze of man did little justice to their freedom to choose. Hindus practised Sati wherein widows were supposed to die on the funeral-pyres of their husband as their existence without their husbands was considered to be futile. There was also a common narrative running in most religions, the supreme god in all these religions was male.

It is easy to understand how this turned in favour of the male gender. Generations of conditioning have made people sing to the tunes of patriarchy, suppressing the female gender, and in turn making it an accepted norm. This is how the male privilege has survived in our society and may continue to do due to the socio-economic advantages it enjoys. A male’s wrongdoing can be easily reprimanded if seen objectively, however, since it is a male holding the gun, it is the female who is blamed for standing in front of it. Victim Precipitation Theory explains how the actions of a girl can provide an excuse to her perpetrator but it cannot force him to act on his impulse. The actions are a consequence of the choice you make, and not what stimulus someone else provides.

Editor’s Notes
These are just a few of the reasons that have given one gender more autonomy than the other. Each of the causes can be further studied deeply and it won’t be a surprise to know at how many instances the female sex was deprived of an equal opportunity or representation. I, personally, don’t knowingly condone such behaviour but male privilege certainly gives me a pedestal in the society. I can only try and relate to what you already have and will go through, but still won’t come close. What I can do for you is to help anyone and everyone as much as I can, so feel free to reach out to me whenever needed. If you require help anonymously, you can contact my friend’s startup IamEars. It’s an online community run by experts aimed at providing emotional/mental health related remedies.

About Time

Human nature provides for difference in opinions, tastes, preferences and lot of other interests. It is, therefore, next to impossible to come a conclusion as to what the most important aspect of life is. However, there is something which transcends different eras and every type of mindset that comes along with it. It is the passage of time.

Time is one of the most important factors which has accompanied us since the dawn of civilization. It existed before us and will continue beyond our extinction. It waits for no one. It is so powerful and profound that we can only try to understand it. In the grander scheme of things, however, it will get the better of us. Some of us might feel our childhood pass just like the snap of our fingers while for others the wait for a simple answer might feel like an eternity. So maybe time isn’t only a simple unit for measuring duration. It is more complicated than that. It moves at a different pace for different people, suggesting how complex it is. Sometimes, years can pass like seconds, and sometimes, a single moment can last a lifetime.

Einstein proposed theories around space, time, mass, energy, and gravity. They revolutionised how these forces were perceived by the world. He deduced that there is no absolute point of reference for anything. Everything is relative to each other. A few situations were even classified as special cases of relativity due to its unique nature. From the bundle of his theories, the most significant take-away from his works would be the one about time and space. Einstein says that time passes at a different rate for everyone.

A situation is proposed in which light bounces between two sets of mirrors; one set being stationary and the other moving at the speed of light. Since the speed of light is constant but the distance traveled by it varies in both the cases, it would be safe to conclude that time in the second set of mirrors is ‘larger’. Hence, slower. Remember? speed= distance/time?
He also stated that time would, in fact, stop for anyone moving at the speed of light, and if an object moves faster than light, it can travel theoretically travel back in time. Since no object can cross the first check-point of travelling at the speed of light, we can conclude that time travel is not possible as per his theory. So time, as we know, can only march in one direction – forward.

Illustration by Helena Fernandez

Different cultures practice different religions, and many religions have patron gods. These gods are looked up to for different elements such as rain, strength, wisdom, money, etc. It is important to note that a few cultures have patron gods for time too, but they don’t alter the passage of time for them. Hinduism has Shiva and Kali, Greeks have Cronus and Apollo while the Egyptians have Taweret. While they might patronise time but they don’t undo acts, instead they offer assistance. Different gods have different methods.
There are plurality of opinions on how time moves. Some cultures believe in a cyclic view of time meaning that the ages will repeat itself in the infinite life of the universe. It is commonly known as ‘Kalchakra’ in several ancient scriptures. There are others which believe that the world will end with the Apocalypse. It is also believed that the end of days will be brought by our very own Creator.

Time is, perhaps, the only absolute truth that there is. Some will challenge the existence of god while others will have different opinions about pagans but none of us can deny the existence of time. Be it the creation of man or the big-bang, everything that there is is a result of time. It provides a direction for things to unfold. It hardly makes a difference if there is a god who can control time or not, what matters is how well you utilise it for yourself. You can either hope for a miracle to happen in your life or you can invest your time properly and call the outcome a result of your hard work. The choice is yours. Timing, however, might not always be in your favour. Destiny often requires us to be at the right place at the right time. If the outcome does not feel right, it may be the case that something fell out of the equation. In most situations, we can try again.

And what did Beckett teach us?

” Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Try better. Fail better.”

World’s Greatest Gift

The Greek god Zeus entrusted the creation of the world in the hands of Prometheus, a wise Titan. As expected, he did a marvellous job in creating the animals, birds, fishes, and the man. Now each of his creations were supposed to be given a special ability – birds were given flight, fishes the ability to swim, bears strength, and so forth. However, no special ability was left when the turn of man arrived, the creation which was made only out of mud and breathed life into it. But man was supposed to be the supreme being. He was to have a distinct quality which separates him from the rest of the beings. So Prometheus gave him the ability to stand upright on his hind legs and walk like the gods. Not only was man-made god-like, but he was also even given a resource reserved only for the gods; fire. The benefactor quickly stole fire and gave it to his noblest creation. Fire would give man the power to rule the land, to sit highest at the natural order, and to certainly be independent of the ones seated above him.

Now Zeus was not a loving God and wanted man to be dependant on gods for protection, however, due to the acts of Prometheus, his plan took a different course. So in order to get even with him, he ordered the creation of the first woman. Apart from being blessed with grace and unparalleled beauty, she was also given numerous talents such as craft, language and music, and the most important of them all – curiosity. Thus, Pandora came into existence. A name which literally means ‘all-gifted’.

With only a box as a gift from Zeus, she descended down to Earth to be with Epimetheus, who graciously accepted her. They were given the instructions to never open the box, and they were indeed obedient. At least, for some time. Days passed by and the box was left untouched but eventually, the curious nature of Pandora got the better off her. She thought of just taking a slight peek inside the box and closing it soon after. However, the moment she opened it, all manners of evil such as jealousy, wrath, hatred, famine and pestilence flew out of it and before she could close it, they spread across the world. Among all these vices, only one trait was optimistic – hope.

Hope was the last to leave the box. It would turn out to be a comforter of man in tough times. It is one of the strongest emotions known to us. It not only makes us patient for a favourable outcome but also serves as a reassurance that tough times will pass. Even in the darkest of paths, one light candle is enough to drive the darkness away. So no matter the suffering, hope always ensures that man endures through difficulties. Tough times also help check the worth of a person. A challenge is as good as the person who has the capacity to endure it. A tired man walking just another mile seeking comfort, or a fisherman casting the net again to feed his family, both find hope to be a common motivator.

Just like a prisoner, during this pandemic, all of us are just waiting for to step out of our prisons, hoping for normalcy to return soon, with prayers of a better future. This isolation has surely checked the mental strength of many. It comes as no surprise that motivation levels are hitting new lows and yet just knowing that experts are working for a solution keeps the flame of hope burning. So we can either cry about missing out on outdoor activities or we can be proud of containing the virus. We can either crave for our favourite junk food or we can be grateful for having enough to sustain ourselves. We can either worry about the financial crisis which might follow or be content about the quality time we have spent to improve our relationships. While most things are uncertain, there are a few things you can be certain of, with the hope in humanity being one of the best ones.

At times, a solution to our problems might seem far-fetched, but as long as we try, we can hope for things to get back to normal, if not better.

Journey or the Destination?

A lot of us have been raised in the type of surroundings which have made us reach out for milestones which have been set by others, be it our parents, society, or perhaps, even our religion. During the process of achieving these milestones, a number of us ‘humans’ fall off during the manufacturing process, and when that happens, those products are simply deemed unfit.

This brings to the question – What is the purpose of life?

There are multiple schools of thought which answer this question, some are optimistic ones like the one stating that to give your life a meaning you must follow your passion while the others like nobody exists on purpose, death is the only truth in one’s life. Even if you were to go by the idea of the latter; it would still lead you to the ultimate goal of dying, which again is a milestone.

The proposition of following your passion seems to be quite a good one. You not only get to your to live your life doing something you love but you also excel at it. Your calibre may or may not be at par with the rest in your field but the very fact that you embarked on the journey to maximise your potential speaks volumes about you. Your passion could be art, sports, music, or even fitness. It hardly matters, as long as you are following it with everything you’ve got. Nothing is more impressive than seeing someone give one’s heart and soul into reaching their goal. The best part about this way of living is the satisfaction which you’ll get out of it. Nothing compares to it, perhaps, not even our maker answering the purpose of life.

The Japanese have developed their own way of living life. It might involve a lot of repitition but they are also rewarded with a healthy and happy life. They call it Ikigai.

Ikigai is the overlap of four important spheres – what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. As self explanatory as the Venn diagram is, it is important to notice how such a simple philosophy of life can greatly influence the quality of life. People following this practice have lived much longer and happier lives than the ones who didn’t. The community which started this practice has an average lifespan of around 90 years! Ikigai preaches the idea of doing everything in moderation, from eating to working. Their lifestyle is simple. There is no concept of retirement. People work till the day they can’t anymore. It gives them a purpose. A reason to get out of bed every morning. Their work also involves helping others, causing significant changes in others’ lives, doing their part to give the world what it needs. The Japanese also find happiness in the smallest of things. Thus, making each moment extra special. Similarly, there are a number of Scandinavian countries which have deciphered their own ways of living life such as “Lagom” in Sweden, “Lykke” in Denmark, “Hygge” in Norway, and “Sisu” in Finland. No matter which practice you follow, you are bound to find happiness.

Speaking about nations and practices, our subcontinent seems to have developed one too, albeit a divided one; the old practices and the new. For the younger generation, the older generation seemed to have lives figured out from the start, from what career they would pursue to the kind of marriage they would be getting. Just like most things, with time, this practice too started getting alternatives. With education, technology, and information being more accessible people started out to seek new career paths, arranged marriages started being outweighed by live-in relationship. However, once westernisation reached its saturation point, the snake started to bite its own tail – what now?

This is the paradox of plenty. Life has so much to offer that we can’t decide what to do. There are so many careers, it’s difficult to pick the right one for us. There are scores of ideas about love and relationship, yet we don’t know what we desire. The most suitable answer for this would be Aristotle’s thoughts on essence. He said that all entities have a certain essence and that essence truly determines who we are. It is the guiding factor which helps us make all our decisions while retaining our unique essence.

Deep down, we all know who we are and what we want, with some luck and hard work, we can get them. Eventually, fulfilling our purpose.

Nihilism is the philosophy which denies the existence of morals and renders life meaningless. We know the vastness of the cosmos, the place of our planet in it, and our significance amongst billions of others. Taking all this into consideration, it does seem like no two people are alike and no one really has a purpose. Life may indeed be meaningless if we try to seek answers from it. It doesn’t matter if you are inclined towards science or religion, some answers would just contradict the others’. The only solution would be to get the most of this live, to have lots of experiences, and most importantly to do things which make you happy.


Author’s Note –

You may follow any of the aforementioned philosophies, it is entirely up to you. That is the entire point actually. No one can dictate the terms of life for you. You may choose to follow a thought one day and adopt something else entirely the other day, in the grander scheme of things it does not matter. Just have fun, radiate positivity and let your memories serve as a souvenir when you leave. As Richard Feynman said,” I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe.”

Since time is something eventually gets the better of us all, we must spend it with the ones we love and just carve a little niche for us till the sandglass of our life runs out.

A Haunting in Dhaula Kuan

Do you remember the old horror stories your nanna used to tell you when you were young? Or maybe even the ones your friends shared with you during sleepovers.


I guess you would like to hear one now. The degree of its authenticity is unknown, but what it surely serves as is a good incident to ponder about. I was narrated this story by my friend and was taken by surprise. So without wasting any more time, let’s hear it.

A few years ago, a serial killer was on the loose in Delhi.

This story is about a young married couple based in Delhi Cantt. Cantt. areas as we know is quite secluded from the hustling and bustling area of the capital. With the airport so close to it, it is covered by large open lands, and dense woods along the roads. Next to Delhi Cantt. lies a place locally called DK2 in Dhaula Kuan. It is an area covered by thick trees and is enclosed by walls on all its sides. Therefore, giving it a grim vibe. Often occupied by noisy teenagers in the evening, it is creepily silent after dawn.

Winters in Delhi often make life slow. The chilly weather causes the residents to stay indoors, but the same can’t be said for the soldiers residing in Cantt. Delhi Cantt. , you see, is occupied with people of the army background. One can often spots gypies filled with soldiers being posted there. Our young couple was one of them.

They were new in Delhi. On one chilly night, they were headed back home in a gypsy car. Seeing that it was already late and that his wife was feeling cold, the soldier started to look for a shortcut to reach their quarters. He had already crossed the Dhaula Kuan metro station so he knew DK2 was around the corner. He also knew that his block was only a few minutes away from the other sideDK2.

Brave as soldiers are, he turned his gypsy car towards the unmanned area of Dhaula Kuan. The headlights leading the way and the dirt track were his only guide. The broken gate could have been a courtesy of drunk youth, or maybe it just fell apart with time. No one knows. The private was just glad that he didn’t have to get off the vehicle. Along the bumpy track, the couple only heard noises of insects, and other noctural creatures. That wintry night was definitely not meant for people to be out. With his wive whispering something under her breath all the time, the soldier finally saw the other end of DK2 ; the big iron gate. Now this gate was usually closed by the officers patrolling the area. Hence, someone had to get off, open the door and only then they could drive their gypsy car outside. The vehicle itself had no roof therefore one really wasn’t safe locked up inside the car. Nevertheless, he asked his wife to stay put when he went to open the gate. He walked a few metres across rhrough the dirt when he heard a hysterical laughter from the dark, followed by rumbling of the bushes. A laughter which creepy clowns laugh when they crack perform a “funny trick”.

“Who was that!” mumbled his wife. The soldier was on guard now and cocked his gun.

He rushed towards his wife to comfort her. “Let me go and check who this is. Might be some teenagers pulling a prank”

“Don’t. It’s dangerous.” cried his wife.

“Shhh… I have handled worse off men. Here, take my walkie-talkie. You know how to use it, right? And you know Rajesh too. If anything happens contact him.”

“No! I don’t want to!”

The laughter now came in a from different direction this time. Although it seemed closer.

“Just give me ten minutes by the watch. Hide under the gypsy and if I don’t return by 10 minutes, call Rajesh. He’ll come with a team to help us.” saying this he left.

She did as instructed; hid under the huge cavity of the gypsy car and waited. She waited for a few minutes which felt like an eternity, the eternity stretching longer with each second when she didn’t hear her husband coming back. The moment ten minutes were up, she contacted Rajesh and told him everything.

Within a few minutes, she heard a vehicle approaching and the gate being opened. A sigh of relief for her. She heard her walkie talkie buzz now though.

“Ma’am. We’re here. We can see you under the car. It is very important that you listen to our instructions. In about fifteen seconds from now, we’ll be whistling and calling for you, at that moment you run towards the gate as fast as you can without looking anywhere else.”

The adrenaline rush in her prohibited her to ask any further questions. In the next ten to fifteen seconds she heard a lots of noises coming from on top of her; from the bonnet and the frame of the car. She could swear that she heard a muffled cry as well. As soon as the noises were over, she heard her cue. The whistling started and her name was being called out. She leapt out of the car and ran. Ran as fast as she could and reached the soldiers who came to rescuse her.

She was panting but her husband’s safety worried her. “Rajesh…my husband…he’s still out there somewhere…please go…look for him.”

“Ma’am, do you know why were you instructed not to look back? And why our soldiers ran towards your car once you reached us?

“A serial killer was on the loose and he was sitting right on top of the bonnet of your car.

“His hands and clothes were smeared in blood and your husband’s head was kept beside him on the bonnet.”

Mirror of Erised

Nothing. Next to nothing, is more impressive than just looking at a man do what he loves. The greatest satisfaction that there is, it has to be this.

Passion. Something which humans are blessed with. An immense desire which can’t really be seen, but felt. A fire which can only be fueled, but never quenched. Some  recognize their passion earlier than others while some take time. But once they do, it hits them like a freight train; slowly but heavily. 

Ever wanted to do something so bad that it hurt when you couldn’t ? Ever felt that heart-wrenching pain when you saw it all slip out of your hands? Ever felt it was so close that you could actually stretch out your hands and seize it? If you did, then you know what I’m talking about. But you never really gave your all, did you?
 Your passion only provided you the foundation, rest was all upto you. Your hardwork, your dedication and your sacrifices determined where you ended. One isn’t promised the opportunity of a lifetime, but one must always be ready. Life changing opportunities come knocking only once in a lifetime. Even if it did happen in your life, no one can really say that it would work out. No one is promised that. Not you. Not me. The only thing which we are promised is a choice ; to either give up or to keep chasing your dreams. Never has the expression “It’s more about the journey than the expression” been more apt. The very essence of chasing your dreams is the journey with the sufferings. The experience , however good or bad, shapes you. The best might get it easy, but only the passionate ones get it right. 

The ones passionate about something know what it takes to just stand ; to not move forwards or backwards, but to just stand. Against all odds. To stand for themselves. To make it even. A journey of a thousand miles begin at your feet. If you ever feel like giving up, don’t look at how close you are to your dreams. Feel the pain in your feet and be ready to feel it again. Look at how far you have made it to just stand there and look at how it feels to be so close to your dreams. At this moment, it all boils down to a choice again. Think of everything you have sacrificed to make that journey, of everyone who has ever believed in you, of the universe which has conspired to just let that moment happen. Do you still think it’s all just a fate; out of millions of people, only you were chosen to make that journey, to cross those hindrances, to leave a spark for others to follow, to show them what just ‘believing’ can do. 

Time is of the essence. It’s your journey, it is coming to an end, one day at a time. All due to a choice.

This is the first day of another year. You are on the first page of another chapter, destined to cross another hindrance of your journey. Taking you closer to your destiny. Do you still wanna give it all up? 

Step up. And believe. I know you can do it. Take a leap of faith?

Why Humanity destroyed itself

Crush. Your first crush. Whose name popped in your mind? I bet you wanted them to be your last. Ever thought about why you two couldn’t last? I bet you did that too.

Relationship. A bond or connection between two people. Two people.                            Back in the day, relationships used to be serious business.  When two people liked each other, they didn’t just enter into a relationship, they spent time with each other. One was made aware of the other’s weaknesses as well as their strengths. What one was good at and what the other could make them good at. It used to be a two-way-thing. One connecting with the other, like jigsaw puzzles. Love usually entered later in the equation, Bonding did, first. Connection did. Understanding each other on the higher level did. Who said love can’t be created? Love used to be created every day, one day at a time, learning about each other, enjoying the repeated conversations, laughing over repeated jokes, and mostly supporting each others’ endeavours. You see, it is very important to balance things out in life. Love didn’t fetch you food. Working did. No relation should ever eliminate a crucial aspect of one’s life. Time used to be the key factor in determining a bond. People used to invest time in themselves and their relationships, unlike the modern time wherein technology, has replaced hangouts and dates.

Once a relationship was established, the partners pretended as if it were their last. And often, it used to work. They ended up being together. They ended up together not only because of an assumption which they made, but because they wanted to make things work. They worked at it. Silence wasn’t an option between the two. The only secrets they had were the ones which they kept from others. And lastly, it was due to the fact that they had faith in each other.

Sadly, the essence of relationships is getting lost between ever growing advancements in technology and the cold and selfish nature of humans. We’ve gotten selective about the things we want. Even in relationships. We only want the picture-perfect moments to exist, ignoring the need to work for it. Sex became easily available and hookups are becoming a trend. We share our attributes with a fishing net. Each one of us has set a standard and is on the lookout to catch a fish for our use. Some to gulp it down but only few to keep it safe and invest time in it. Ever since technology has taken over, it has completely replaced a lot of things which the old-school relationships used to cherish. From the time partners used to spend with each other to the intimacy. Almost everything has gone for a toss. Don’t get me wrong. It is beneficial, at times, when the partners aren’t able to meet due to certain issues. The emphasis, here, is being laid on how it is trying to bridge a gap which shouldn’t exist in the first place. Technology is not to be blamed entirely for the poor condition of our relationships, we are equally responsible for it. Parents never taught us that each relationship is different with understanding and love being each one’s core. Society talked about us instead of talking to us when they saw lovers going out.

And how can I not blame myself {humanity} for it? I ended up destroying the thing I loved the most. I destroyed us. I destroyed us only because I wanted us to be the last one standing. No matter how toxic we got. I destroyed everything nature gave me, including herself. Maybe I deserve to be where I am, looking at the menace I’ve caused, and the lives I’ve costed.


The Garden of Earthly Delights ~ Heironymus Bosch

Humans are all about relationships, and emotions. No one can live like an island. Selfishness. I think that is where all the problem began. I started to love myself more. And no matter how much she {nature} tried, her love just wasn’t enough for the both of us.

I fear for this generation, and what it might do it itself. Maybe only fear is what can keep us ‘alive’ in the real sense.

Love always,

older You.




A Tale of Two Boys


Football might be the most popular sport in the world, but there are two players who are more popular than the sport itself :  Messi and Ronaldo. Do these two need an introduction? Neah… I don’t think so. Neverthless …

Around 20 years ago, in a small town of Rosario, Argentina, lived a little kid named Lionel Messi. He was a boy of small stature but boy did he love to play football. He used to play as if the ball were sewn to his legs , dribbling past players, beating the keeper and scoring a multitude of goals. Such was the potential of the kid that at the age of just 12-13 years the local football clubs got desperate to sign him, however fate had other plans. He was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and neither his family nor the clubs eager to sign him could cover the cost of his treatment. Then came Barcelona FC into the picture. A scout had been in the city at that time and was known about the situation. He saw the potential in the kid and invested in him. He left his native land and moved to Barcelona for the greater good.

At the same time, another kid from Madeira, Portugal, was introduced to the footballing world. The boy was called Crisitiano Ronaldo. Born in a poor family, he lacked resources. However, he got selected in a local team and started playing football. He was like the other kids, but a little different. Only he was planted with the desire to be the best. Every game he played he played it to win, sometimes ending in tears when he lost. But that never stopped him, he trained on until one day he got his calling. The word was spreading in Portugal and he was contacted by Sporting Lisbon itself! It was one of the greatest clubs in Portugal at that time.

These two had now started their journey.  Messi trained in Barcelona and got his first team calling while Ronaldo had started to make his name as the new No. 7 of Manchester United.

At Barcelona, the squad immediately realised the talent Messi was gifted with. He could dribble the ball, take quick turns, make wonderful passes and finish with a goal, in style. The world had finally started to take notice of the little man and had started to call him ‘ The Best In The World ‘. In his homeland, Argentina, he was revered to an even greater title. He had surpassed the previous icon; Maradona, and was referred to as “The Best Player Ever”.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, had taken United to an even greater level. A great physique, strength and his fighting nature became his allies. Bringing titles, fame and  scoring magnificent goals became his hobby.  Who knew that a kid with an obsession with winning would actually win an acclaimed award for scoring a goal! By this time he had already shown his worth and was transferred for a world record amount of fees. In Real Madrid, he not only raised his own mark of scoring goals and breaking records, but he met his competition; Lionel Messi.

The two played for the elitist clubs and whose rivalry was unparalleled. Little did we know that the rivalry could also have a face, two in this case.

They both came from different backgrounds being completely different in nature, but they had one thing in common; they were burning with a desire to improve and work hard to bring out their best. The two trained day in and day out, pushing each others’ limits, raising their own bars, and breaking records every other week. Seeing their names on the score sheet became a ritual and the trophy for the Best Player In The World became their personal possession. Collectively, they have scored over a thousand goals,won the league trophies, the cups and all the other laurels there are to win, often single handedly winning it for their club. And have kept the Ballon D’Or with themselves for the past 8 years.

They are both the best in the world. It is always difficult to choose one of them and say he is the best. 

It has been an absolute joy for the past decade to watch them play regardless of whom one supports. For the aspiring youth they have proven than anything and everything is possible. Many have grown in their impression and play a game like theirs. It would indeed be a disheartening moment when either of them decide to hang their boots. With them reached their pinnacle , a downfall is on the rise, and say what we must, no one can get the better of time. Time always triumphs.

They have been a great inspiration for sportspersons around the world. Many footballers have been dubbed as their heir. Some might even turn out to be the next Ronaldo or Messi but even then, a copy of an idol will still be a copy. It can never really replace the original.

Creators can be victims too


Can’t there be a single day
When I don’t have to feel this way?
Not wishing to attract the crowd
Which comprises mostly of men
I am an object now, was a question then.

My birth raised a big question
To choose life or an abortion.
Am I really ,a girl child ,                                                                                                                       from a country                                                                                                                               where women are prayed to?

I walk out of my house
With a smile on my face, but that smile fades away                                                               with the  whistles, stares and comments
I am brave. I wear a smile again
But sometimes though, it torments.

They might think that I don’t notice
But I know that they are malice
Travelling by bus, I avoid crammed places.
They try to look around my torso and my neck
Some manage to touch me, some dare to peck.

I spent most of my life in suffering
I suffer due to  men, I suffer for men.
To give birth to my child, I must endure this pain.
If a boy, everything is good and everything is well.
If a girl, it is only the well.


Today, I was molested
I dare to report it, but was questioned and tested.
The society  knows it now, they frown upon me
I am just another girl, forget my name
Shall I give up or shall I continue this victim’s game?


Reliving the 13 yr old journey



It has been almost a year since I physically left St. Columba’s, now the time has come for my juniors to do so. I often see them posting nostalgic posts on social media.I did it during my time too. It indeed is one of the purest form of love which I have witnessed.

So, what is it that makes us miss our school? I often ponder over it and I feel that Columba’s is not just about those buildings,or the faculty, or even the students. You see, Columba’s is a way of life, and being a Columban is a feeling. A feeling which can’t be expressed to others,but one which others can see when they look at you.

From the moment we entered this place, all we wanted was to leave,but when the time came, all we wanted was to live just another day.

Every moment that we spent within the quarters of this place, counts. The times when we were too afraid to enter the pool to the times when we almost drowned in it, counts. The times when friendships were broken over stolen crayons to fixing it with a candy, counts. Cheating during unit tests only to find out that both the friends failed, counts. The feeling of scoring your first class team goal to winning the tournament counts. Proudly entering the senior wing and failing the exams, count. Being selected in different societies and bringing laurels to the school,count. Experiencing your first love to getting teased by her name,also counts.

There is something about those two colours ,right? Green and Gold. And what is that saying… “Green and Gold till we die of old.”?
Indeed. we have worn those colours long enough to start feeling for them. The tie around us serves a purpose too. A tie chains a person, they are bounded by duty. The Green and Gold coloured tie which we have worn right throughout our childhood represents our responsiblity towards our school. Wherever you go, you represent your alma mater.

These days,most of you would be gloomy and nostalgic throughout your day at school, but remember; the bell will ring for the last time and you will get to live your school days for the time as well. Make the most of it.
Over the years,thousands of students have graduated from our school, yet Columba’s is incomplete even if one of them is missing.
Everything counts,right? so tomorrow take a moment out to thank every person who has made this journey memorable, from the Brothers to our very own Mohan-ji. Every person counts.

You might leave this place soon, but you’ll never really leave this place,

Blessed are those whose hearts lie the right place. For me, Columba’s will always be the right place.